All songs written by Pauline Pisano*
All songs produced by Dan Weiner**
*"Carry On" & "A-Maze" written by Pauline Pisano and Dan Weiner
**"Inside The Wheel" produced by Pauline Pisano and Dan Weiner

Album features performances by Pauline Pisano (Vocals, piano, rhodes, acoustic guitar, synths, and bass synths), Dan Weiner (Drums, electric drums, percussion, marimba, synths), Thad DeBrock (Bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitars), Jessie Reagen Mann (Cello), Alan Pisano(Electric guitar), Shelby Blezinger-McCay (Vibraphone), Billy Brancato (Electric guitar), and special guest vocalist Neeley Bridges.

All songs mastered by A.J. Tissian at The Wave Lab NYC


released November 3, 2017